Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation in Italy

It's been a while since my last post. The reason for my disappearance is I was on vacation in Italy!!! Originally I intended to keep writing my blog from Italy, but as you see - it didn't happen.

We had a great vacation. Italy is so beautiful. This is my 5Th visit there and hopefully not the last. This time we were in the northern part, near the lakes. Unbelievably beautiful!!!
If I wrote before about my infatuation with teal and blue, after 2 weeks of seeing lakes all around me, I'm even more in love with all shades of blue!!

We visited Venice which was beautiful as ever, climbed to the mountains to see breathtaking views and basically spent every day visiting nice little towns around the lakes and eatting lots of pizzas, lazania and ice cream!!!

One of the placed we stayed at was a wonderful b&b called "Il nido del lago". The hostess Mary, went out of her way to make us feel at home. We had a great breakfast with cakes Mary baked every day, sitting on the porch with a great view to lake Varese.

Well, vacation is over now. Time to get back to work. till next time. Ciao.